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Supporting Pride

We are always passionate about supporting events locally and we were honoured to be a sponsor of Stoke Pride 2022. These events are fun, full of entertainment and also so important in raising health awareness, increasing awareness of the services available to the LGBT community . The main aim to eradicate hate crime towards homophobia and transphobia all together.

This week is the start of Cervical Screening Awareness Week with Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.

We kicked off the week with talks at Pride for anyone with a cervix to get screened. We had some excellent conversations about the booking process, the experience of the test and why it is so very important to get tested.

Huge well done to the organisers and thank you for letting us be a part of something so special.


B Clean with B Hygienic

  In 2020 we launched B Clean – a sister company of B Hygienic. The purpose of B Clean initially was to focus on the much needed sourcing of supplies during the pandemic. This allowed us to ensure we could provide hand sanitizer, PPE and products or services which supported the restrictions around COVID-19. We focussed on developing new and innovative ranges. This company is evolving to focus on our future sustainability commitment. We are passionate about working towards making a positive impact on the world in which we conduct our business. A washroom company can be a difficult place for this to happen as the largest proportion of business is waste disposal, which we are not always in control of the end result. We have started a focus group to look at ideas that are smart for the business, customer and are good for the environment. We will be trialling different ranges of products, offering alternatives and ongoing work on how to improve. This includes our community involvement, vendor relationships and responsible product sourcing. Watch this space…  

A clean you can see and smell…

A common complaint in mens washrooms is the smell. Bacteria can penetrate surfaces and cause build up.

There are a few reasons why this foul odour occurs:

Cleaners – try as they might bleach just doesn’t cut through and often causes more damage than cure. A biological washroom cleaner is needed to get to the source and also works along side urinal caps to prevent blockages.

Inadequate flushing – Water savers ensure that there is always enough water in the traps to preserve the water seal. Every urinal needs to have enough flush water, the water savers can be set on a timer to prevent waste.

Mal odours in washrooms should and can be a thing of the past. Modern technology has made huge breakthroughs in ensuring we can identify the source of the problem and provide cost effective solutions.

We have such a fantastic range available to help – have a clean you can see and smell!


Cervical Cancer Prevention Week 2022

At B Hygienic we love to get involved with Cervical Cancer Awareness and encouraging screening. We value organisations  such as Lady Garden Foundation, Eve Appeal and Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust as their work to raise awareness and offer support is so important. Our Team held a virtual quiz this week that Jo’s had produced – great team building and raising money for charity!

Please see below for an update from Jo’s Trust: Cervical Cancer Prevention Week is here!
Join us this week to raise awareness of cervical screening. One in three women and people with a cervix don’t attend cervical screening and we want to change that. However cervical cancer prevention doesn’t stop at screening. 220,000 women and people with a cervix every year are told they have cervical cell changes after their screening, and many more are given a HPV diagnosis. This can mean more tests and treatments, and for some it can be incredibly hard time. We want everyone to have the information and support they need. So we want you to join us and share tips, facts, and most importantly help others know they aren’t alone.