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What is Think Pink?

Here at B Hygienic we have always been committed, whether that’s commitment to our customers, or to providing an excellent reliable service, we’re always committed.

We made a commitment in 2010, one that is more important than any other. A very good friend of mine died in 2008 from ovarian cancer and that really made me think about what I could do within my own business to help raise awareness and promote more regular screening.

We launched our ThinkPink Campaign. With our specially manufactured pink washroom products this will clearly shows the customers support to cancer awareness.

All public and business premises need to provide washrooms services to comply with Health & Safety regulations – the pink range is specifically designed products to help promote saving lives. This is caring for staff and visitors and promotes well being.

You can help…

The range includes Sanitary disposal, dispensers, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, sanitary bag dispensers and nappy disposal.

In addition we have also launched a Teal range which again promotes cancer awareness through the colour scheme – we use this in a range of bathrooms and is available in all products. This promotes various cancer charities.

As part of our commitment we have agreed we will contribute to charities with donations and also support by visiting centres, sharing updates and help with fundraising activities. We sponsored Jo’s Trust Steps for Jo’s Manchester run and also took part, we worked with a local cancer charity on ideas for them to increase fundraising activity – this amongst many other things.

We have designed a Urinal mat specifically to highlight Testicular cancer awareness. The phrase ‘Have you got the Balls to Check for Cancer’ was designed for this mat and is unique to B Hygienic.

We are happy to work with you in any way that you feel will help – please contact me directly on vicki@bhygienic.co.uk Thank you for your support!

Vicki Allen
Managing Director, Bhygienic Ltd