Urinal Cap Bio

The Cap is a dosing system housing a block of special, friendly bacteria that are slowly released into the urinal trap and pipes, cleaning and deodorising constantly. These bacteria remove the cause of washroom odours and breakdown the solids, including urine crystals and calcium deposits that cause blockages.

Reducing the frequency of flushing aids this cleaning process and enables considerable savings on precious water and money to be made. The cap simply “snaps” into the existing urinal grate. Reduce the frequency of flushing to 3 times every 24 hours to reduce your water consumption, carbon footprint and water charges. The cap is a unique bacterial dispensing system that can be fitted to almost every urinal without the need for tools or any sort of infra-structure change to the existing urinal or urinal pipework.

However, it can also be inserted into those urinals that have been adapted to take some other type of water-saving urinal sleeve that may have failed and subsequently been removed, leaving an unsightly hole. It contains a well proven biological urinal block with specially selected strains of microorganisms to maximise the cleaning efficacy by removing body waste and the build-up of solids and uric-scale that can build up in the trap and pipes to cause odours and blockages.

With a pleasant citrus fragrance these water soluble, blocks efficiently and effectively maintain washrooms whilst providing substantial savings on water consumption and subsequent charges as the need for regular flushing is reduced.

Used with the special biological cleaner, washroom odours are a thing of the past.

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