System 6 Toilet Roll Dispenser

This expertly designed toilet roll dispenser has been built from the ground up to cut down on washroom waste and save you money. Based on extensive research of end-user psychology and washroom habits, the Ecomatic dispenser is packed with features to help make every single sheet of tissue go further.

Works Hand-in-Hand with Ecomatic Sugarcane Toilet Roll
This dispenser can only be used with Ecomatic’s eco-friendly sugarcane toilet roll (available in Classic or Luxury). Each roll is made from sugarcane fibres that are left over following the sugar extraction process. This means that they have a very low carbon footprint – actually 64% lower than traditional recycled paper. Each sheet of premium toilet tissue is soft and double-ply, with a brilliant white look, and you can choose between the Classic flat sheet or the Luxury embossed paper. Every roll is tightly packed, containing up to five times as many sheets as other comparable systems. Not only do you get more toilet roll with every purchase, but the waste-reducing features of the dispenser means that every roll goes much further.


Dimensions 31.8cm x 16.7cm x 16cm

Additional information

Dimensions 16 × 16.7 × 31.8 cm


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