Sanitary Disposal Unit – Designer

All of our sanitary bins are foot pedal operated for hands free use. Our sanitary bins have modesty trays and are pedal operated as standard or if required you can choose to have automatic units.

We provide a liner exchange service where we supply you with new sanitary bins on installation then at each service a operator discreetly removes the waste, cleans the unit, installs a new liner and puts chemicals in to the liner to kill bacteria growth which prevent offensive odours.

We found after years of experience that using a unit with a small opening created problems as towels often stuck in the lid – with this in mind, nearly all our units have alarge side opening and a foot pedal that enables the user to remain seated.

All units are available on a service that suits your requirements.

Available in two options of Matt finish or High Gloss Chrome

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 54 × 55 cm


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